Surface treatment by atomic and molecular technology, not painting, is a treatment at the atomic and molecular level surface based on nanotechnology. 

Surface treatment of electrical and electronic components:

We have equipments, technical personnel and advanced products that allow us to treat these surfaces to be totally hydrophobic and additionally let electricity  pass within electronic equipment without catastrophic effects such as short circuits, electrocution, etc. 

Textile surface treatment:

Treat textiles to make them totally hydrophobics (water not affect it), allowing less negative climate effects on their personal (clothes and shoes for businesses, military, field staff, etc.). 

Metal surface treatment:

Metal surface treatment of pipes, tanks, boilers, doors, etc. to be totally hydrophobic preventing corrosion, also have products for treating metal surfaces to make them fully oleophobic, ie not penetrate oils. 


Surface treatment of rubber and plastic:

Our treatment becomes plastic and rubber surfaces completely hydrophobic surfaces also avoid contact with dust, dirt, mud. 

Glass Surface treatment:

We treat the surfaces of glass windows of hotels, industries, buildings generally making them totally hydrophobic. Additionally treated surfaces reject dust, dirt, enhance shine and prevents scratches. 

Treatment of stone surfaces:

We treat stone surfaces such as stone, concrete, floors making them totally hydrophobic surfaces totally repelling water. 

Water treatment:

We have high-tech products to treat swimming pool water by photocatalytic processes, reducing treatment costs, maintenance and operation.

Treatment Pest Control and Hygiene:

We perform surface treatment to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, ensuring pest control and aseptic such sites.