Our company in line with its environmental and social commitment has a line of business for renewable energies within which the Solar Energy Division is located. In this division we provide technical advice according to the needs of each client, design the necessary solar systems and supply the necessary equipment and systems with economy, quality and personalized attention.




For pumping water we supply pumping systems (solar pumping kits) composed of three subsystems: the electricity generation subsystem composed of the respective photovoltaic panels (200 to 300 Watt of power each), the pumping subsystem composed of the solar pump with its respective motor and the control subsystem composed of a modern equipment (inverter / controller) with its respective control board. The solar pumps connected to solar electricity generators (photovoltaic panels), present savings in energy consumption from 30% to 70%. Our pumps are submersible, pencil type, of great quality and efficiency, with German technology and with powers from 50 watt to 35 Kw, flow rates between 2 and 40 m3 per hour and nominal heads between 10 and 250 meters. These pumps can be installed in deep wells, in storage tanks, in surface water sources. They serve multiple purposes such as water supply in homes, on farms, in fish farming, public and private pools, small and medium agricultural irrigation, semi industrial and industrial facilities.


lampara solar

The solar street luminaires (solar public lighting) "all in one" integrate the solar photovoltaic panel (Generator), the led lights, the lithium battery, the controller, constant electricity in a single device. It combines the technology of the electric photo effect, micro controller, infra red sensor of movement (increases the intensity of the light only when perceiving movement, meanwhile keeps the equipment in saving mode), APP control by smart phone, and multiple technologies. They are environmentally friendly equipment that save up to 70% in electricity consumption costs. They also save on air and / or terrestrial wiring costs and even postage costs. 

They have application and use for lighting in gardens, patios, houses, roads and avenues, parking, outdoor cellars, perimeter lighting, common areas, urbanization, mining areas, remote areas without electricity supply. 

The luminaires can be adjusted to different angles depending on the latitude and characteristics of the terrain, they can be installed vertically or horizontally or on a wall. It do not need cables.


nevera solar

Solar-powered appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, solar kits for homes and farms, and other equipment such as solar electric fences are imported and supplied.